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Breeder Education Programs:


A DNA kit will be included in each Hospitality Bag. After following the instructions

included in the kit, make a check payable to AKC in the amount of $40.

Additional DNA kits will be available. All completed kits will be mailed to the AKC by

the Breeder Education committee. Specific collection point will be announced during

the week.


Experts recommend Primary Hyperparathyroidism (PHPT) testing be performed every

other generation. The KCA Board of Directors has approved a discounted rate for KCA

members. The base rate is $95 per dog. The exact discount has yet to be determined

but will be announced in the Premium List and here once we know. Please take this

opportunity to get your dog(s) tested at the 2018 National.

Testing will be done on Tuesday.


Donna Smith will present the Judges Education Seminar on Thursday evening with a

focus specifically geared toward breeders. She will also share her perspective on

what she has observed with new judges. A question and answer session will follow

the presentation.

Breeders Ed Programs