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Use this form to order and pay for items using PayPal.  If you would rather mail in your order form please use the form in the premium list. Please Note: PayPal convenience fees will be added at checkout as “shipping charges” - don’t panic - those are the PayPal fees the club has to pay!   ORDER DEADLINE IS April 27, 2018 Please be sure to fill out the RESERVATIONS form below FIRST to reserve your spot at the Donor’s Circle Seminar, Top Keeshond Event, KCA Meeting, Companion Event, Breeder’s Education and to reserve a Hospitality Bag.  Please only fill out this form  ONCE.  After you have entered your name and email address, choose the number to reserve for each item.  When you are done filling in the form, click the “Submit Form” button. If the submittal is successful, you will see a “Success” page.  Be aware that there is a chance the reservation form may not work on a tablet.  Click the “Go Back” button on that page to return to this form and continue with your order.  If you come back to this order page subsequent times,   do not  fill out the reservation form again. PLEASE FILL OUT ONLY ONCE GROOMING INFORMATION - PLEASE READ !!! Spaces are 6’ X 8’ 1. No more than 2 spaces may be reserved per person. Each space should easily hold 4 crates, stacked, and 1 table.  If you are coming with just 1 dog please consider sharing a space with another person. HOAKC reserves the right to consolidate spaces if needed. 2. Please state on the form the number of dogs that you are bringing. 3. Requests to be set up beside a friend will be accommodated to the best of our ability. Please send requests to be next to someone to Jean Leiker - jean@kcanational.info


Reserved Grooming $20 Awards Banquet $30 Show Catalog picked   up at show $20 Show Catalog Mailed $25 TKE Catalog picked up at    show  $10 Pot of Gold Raffle     Evasuik Photo Shoot Companion Event    $15 first/$12 add’l Pot of Gold Raffle    Bastuba Pendant Pot of Gold Raffle    Keeshond Bench Pot of Gold Raffle   One Room Night
Hospitality Bag
Breeder Education
Donors Circle Seminar
Top Keeshond Event/Welcome
KCA Annual Meeting
Companion Event Spectator
2019 Meet and Greet
TKE Catalog Mailed    $12
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# of tickets:
# of tickets:
Companion Event Catalog  $5
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TKE Entry $65
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TKE Catalog Ad Only $40
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Maximum 2 spaces per person